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JabaSat FlyAway FLY-981i

La antena JabaSat Mobile FLY -981 es un sistema de antena de satélite 98 cm, que es un auto- señalador , unidad automática de adquirir altamente portátil que es con gurable con el controlador JabaSat Mobile 7710i proporcionando adquisición de los satélites rápida en cuestión de minutos , en cualquier momento en cualquier lugar . Puede ser instalada en 10 minutos por una sola persona .

•  One-Piece, high surface accuracy, offset feed, steel reflector

•  Heavy duty feed arm capable of supporting up to 5kg (10lbs) RF electronics (LnB & BuC)
•  Works seamlessly with the world’s most popular commercially available Ku modems
•  Three Axis motorization
•  Supports manual control when required
•  One-button, auto-pointing controller acquires Ku-band satellite within 2 minutes
•  Captive hardware / Fasteners
•  10 minute assembly by one person, no tools required
•  Compact packaging; 3 ruggedized cases
•  Standard 2 year warranty

JabaSat Mobile 1200i Transportable

JabaSat Mobile Transportable enclosed SKID 1200i


JabaSat Mobile 1200i Tranportable

  • Welded aluminum construction is rigid, lightweight & robust
  • Easily handled by forks from pallet trucks and warehouse lift-trucks to large outdoor vehicles
  • Fork access from all 4 sides
  • Easily hoistable
  • Antenna can be quickly mounted/demounted
  • Ships fully assembled for very fast integration and deployment
  • Stackable up to 3 units
  • One person operation
  • Shock absorbers to reduce road damage
  • Extra strongpoints that accommodate a rack case and generator for self-contained antenna deployment
  • Optional cable spoo